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A Time To Humble Ourselves

on May 2020

by Pastor Daniel

With the current crisis, we are hearing all kinds of things through the social media, even in Christian materials.  It ranges from God’s judgment on the world to God’s protection over Christians.  It ranges from greater fear to comforting faith.  We hear God’s word from Psalm 91 that God will protect his beloved from all kinds of viruses to 2 Chronicles 7:14 that we are called to humble ourselves before God to obtain healing.
My mind went from one end of the pendulum to another making sense of all that I have read and heard.
The God who is Sovereign
One thought that kept lingering through all this sieving is the Sovereignty of God.  Even though we may not understand all that is happening, I cannot help to recognize the sovereignty of God over everything.  It is Him that all things were made and kept.  God knew and foreknew everything ahead of us.  While we are living in uncertainties, God is certain about His purpose on the world.
I can keep speculating whether the corona virus is an act of God’s judgment and plague on the world, or an act of God’s mercy to draw people to Him, I have to conclude that I do not know but God knows.
Will this bring fear?  It has definitely done so.  Will this ignite faith?  Obviously too as we know that all things lie in the hands of God.  Will this cause confusion?  Again, it has happened.   Even among Christians are asking if not going to Church a lack of faith and fear? 
The God who is Sufficient
Another thought that came to my overfilled mind was the sufficiency of God.  I could not help to think that there is nothing left secured and sufficient except the presence of God.
We come to the point that everything has come down to show that they are not sufficient.  Every aspect of economy came to a standstill.  Everywhere in the world was in the edge of collapse.  In fact, we drag to see what is going to happen after this pandemic is over.  The aftermath is more frightening that this current situation.
While once shopping centres, amusement parks and eateries are considered places of happenings, they all have come to a standstill.  Even churches all over the world have become empty for the first time in history.  I think this has never happened before.  Some churches were closed at some time in some place, but never before was there a time that practically all churches in the world have been left empty the past two months and more to come.
What do you think God is doing in the world today by this crisis?  That nothing in the world will be sufficient.  Not shopping, not the workplace, not any education institution, not entertainment and not even food will be sufficient for our lives.  I find something interesting happening - that Astro is offering free channels, America giving away free movies viewing in view that many are staying at home and may be bored.  Even with this offering, honestly, how many of us are watching more movies that ever.  I think we are bored as well by too many movies.
We come to this conclusion - only God is sufficient and in Him is there true satisfaction.
The God who is the Savior
One of my other thought is that God is the Savior through all these.  How do I view myself?  I was listening to a sermon sent by a certain doctor from Penang and my wife also urged me to listen to it.
I did and I came to see that only God can save.  I come back to 2 Chronicles 7:14 - that God is calling me to humble myself and seek his face and turn from my wicked ways.  This is the time to seek the Savior of our lives.  We have been professing that God is our Savior but do we humble ourselves and seek his face?  Have we turned from our wicked ways so that God can save us?
I must ask myself - what must I repent of?  I made up a mental list and began that repentance.  We must repent of our ways - ways we make ourselves look good, when deep within us is wickedness.  It must be turn from MY ways to HIS face. 
My dear family members of FCC, it is time to turn from OUR ways to HIS face.  Where we have lacked and slagged, we must turn to our God who is Sovereign, who is Sufficient and who is our Savior.  There is no other way of looking at this.  There is none to turn to, not even toilet papers or bubble teas.  I must turn from MY favorite book or magazine to HIS word.  I must turn from MY good impression to HIS good favor.  Let there be a time of humbling.  May God bless and speak to your heart.


In Times Like This...

on April 2020

by Pastor Daniel
That statement came from a hymn, “In times like these, you need a Savior, in times like these, you need an anchor.  Be very sure, be very sure, your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock.  This rock is Jesus, yes He’s the one, This rock is Jesus, the only one.”
The past few weeks have not been easy for some.  It may seem good initially to take that long overdue rest and holiday to be at home.  After a while, it becomes worrisome as to how the situation is going to be like.
In times like these - what can we do?
The Psalmist in Ps 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.”  This verse has become more special now than any other time.
We perhaps have forgotten what it means to be still.  We are trying to do more and achieve more.  To run more in order to cover more.  We talk about having a mosaic mind and a multitasking ability.  We run frantically from one place to another, doing one thing to another.
What has all these come to?  We exalt people to be still and know that Jehovah is God and yet at a worship service, we declare that we are listening, singing and also whatsapping.  “Multitasking!”, so we proclaim. 
When we see our children on the phones or laptops, they say that they are doing their homework and some games all at the same time.  We have lost the art of being still.
With all that is happening right now - the MCO, the no more moving, no more working in offices, no more going to school - what do we make of all these?  I began to feel that we are now forced to be still.
Perhaps it is a good thing.  To be still and know that God is God.  Not technology, not even science, certainly not wealth = many are turning to God or even gods that each one is worshiping.
The point is this - have we grasped the impact of this pandemic?  Have we come to know that God is God indeed?
Everyone is asked to stay home and stay safe.  That is now the greetings we exchange.  No more, “how are you?, “Have you eaten?” but “are you at home?  Are you safe?”
Perhaps it is a good message - are you safe?  Maybe I would like to change that a little - are you saved?
“In times like these, you need a Savior; in times like these, you need an anchor. Be very sure that your anchor holds and grips the solid rock!” 
Over the social media, each time I hear news of people dying and dying without their loved one by their side, I shed a tear or two.  It is sad.  I asked myself, “what if I were the one at the bedside or my loved one?”  There is only one anchor we must anchor our life and our faith in - in Christ alone; “this rock is Jesus, yes He’s the one...”
With this pandemic which was supposed to inflict fear is also bringing people to their knees recognizing that everything is a vanity.  Even the Governor of Texas publicly made a confession of sin of disregarding the Word of God, taking away prayers in school, confusing truth and lie.  It adds up to this - only God can save us.
We may be thinking of physical sickness but there is another sickness in our life - the sickness of sin that brings about hopelessness, fear and finally death.  To all those reading this, I am not exploiting the situation to share the good news of Jesus Christ but to enable us to think beyond this life.  Life has suddenly become so fragile. 
If there is any certainty, it is the certainty that God still loves us and He wants us to come to know Him.  Jesus came to this world, gave himself to the world, die on the cross and rose again on the third for one purpose - that we might have life.  Have we received Jesus into our hearts and asked him to forgive us and be SAVED? 
May our hearts be heavy for those who are struggling in Malaysia and in the world.  Let us pray for them while we are in solidarity.  Let us continually join our hearts together for those who are making the greatest sacrifice - the health care givers who work very hard at the risk of their lives - that they be safe.  Let us pray for all men to turn to God at such a time and be saved too.  God be with all of you.


Spiritual Realities

on March 2020

by Pastor Daniel
What are spiritual realities?  In a nutshell, in the Christian worldview, there are in fact two realities.  They are the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan.  These are the two realities that govern our world today.   These are two contrasting realities in existence.  To name a few, it is like, “Children of God vs. Children of Satan, Slaves of Christ vs. Slaves of the Devil, Regenerate vs. Unregenerate, Eternally Alive vs. Eternally Dead, Spiritually Alive vs. Spiritually Dead, Godly View of Life vs. Selfish View of Life.” and the list will probably go on for a long time.
But the greater question is this - what reality I adopt and live will determine how I behave.
When I don’t see it
There is a story in the Bible from 2 Kings 6:8-17.  It is a story about the troubled King of Syria who seemed to fail to defeat the King of Israel.  Each time he came out with a strategy, the King of Israel knew about it.  Even words uttered by the King of Syria in his bedroom (supposedly to be a secret), were known by the King of Israel.
Being furious, he enquired about this and discovered that a man of God seemed to know everything and therefore wanted him killed.
So one day, this King sent a great army with the intention to capture this man of God who was Elisha and kill him.  This is the irony - the king has to send a great army to defeat just one man, who was not even a soldier, surely not Rambo.
What made Elisha so special and fearsome all at the same time? 
It is the perception of his spiritual realities. 
The story unfolds when the soldiers of the Syrian army came and the servant of Elisha came running to his master to report the case.
He was filled with fear.  It was obvious - whole army coming against just one man.  There is no way Elisha could escape this attack.
When I think of this servant, it reminds me of what it is like when we don’t see this reality in our lives.  When crisis or trouble comes, we panic and are filled with fear.  There are so many things that cause fear in our lives.
Sickness (with the Covid19 has caused panic in many people, Christians and non Christians alike), financial crisis, family troubles, relationships disappointment and of course death as well.
Anything that comes as an onslaught to our faith, we can either respond in fear or in faith.  This is the case where the servant responded in fear.
When we do see it
This is when Elisha lived in another spiritual reality - he said to his servant, “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”
When those words were spoken, and if we were there - we might conclude that Elisha was out of his mind or that he was suffering from Bi-polar depression or a manic state.
We may even conclude, “He is not living in reality!”.  However what we have overlooked is that - his is a different reality.
Then Elisha did another thing to show us the other spiritual reality.  He prayed for the young man - “O Lord, please open his eyes that he may see.”  And so the Lord opened the eyes of the young man and he SAW, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha....  And we know the rest of the story - again the plans of the king of Syria were destroyed.
All this came about because there is another reality - the reality of God’s kingdom. 
The question I have been confronted constantly is this - “Do I see?”.  As a pastor of the church, I prayed constantly that the leaders and I would be able to see the realities of God.  Jesus constantly taught this reality when he said, “The kingdom of God is already here.”  One reality says, “Worry”, God’s reality says, “Don’t worry”, one reality says, “Fear!” but God’s reality says, “Have faith.”  It is not blind faith, it is faith because God is.  As we are confronted with many uncertainties in life, may our eyes be opened to God’s certainty and his reality.


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Announcement 2
通告 2


In view of the current pandemic, the church leadership thought it fit that as a church we should act responsibly and with wisdom. We saw it fit that we should do all we can within our means to help contain the current spread of the Covid-19 infection and to protect our FCC family from harm. As such, the leadership has decided on the following:

1) Easter lunch is cancelled
2) Church camp is postponed indefinitely. We will monitor the situation before deciding on the next course of action.  

Meanwhile, stay safe by staying indoors and stay close to our Lord. It is a good time for family rejuvenation and bonding. Spend your time reading the Bible, praying and seeking our Lord. If you have any urgent needs or any emergency please do not hesitate to contact the leaders for help. We will do all we can within our means to help. Thank you. God bless.

  1. 取消复活节的午宴。
  2. 无限期延后教会的家庭营。 我们将根据情况来决定下一步行动。



Dear FCC family,
This is the final decision after the leaders have met.  This is in line with the Covid-19 and the PM announcement about mass gathering.  We are taking this responsible part as FCC family.  I hope all of you would understand.  Thanks.
1. Services in the church will be cancelled for this week and next.  Further announcement will be made pending on our country situation.  This also apply to Sunday School, Youth, Hokkien Fellowship and Prayer meetings.
2. The AGM will be postponed to a later date.
3.  CG will carry on with the prayer meeting together.  This is the time the church need to rise up in prayer.
4.  There will be live  streaming of the message on Sunday morning at 10 am.  It would be a short message for the week with a short worship as well.  It would be a half an hour session.  Please log on to Facebook under FCC Church group
5.  All tithes and offering, kindly bank into the church account.

6. There will be weekly prayer meeting on Thursday at 8:00 pm via zoom app.  Those who need help to install zoom app kindly contact Ps Long kin 

Your Shepherd
Ps Daniel


这是领袖们商讨后,最终的决定。再者,这与新冠肺炎Covid-19和首相对于大规模集会之通告是一致的。作为信心教会的成员, 我们有责任承担。希望大家都能理解。谢谢。

1. 本周和下周的崇拜会将取消。我们将根据我国的情势作进一步的宣布。取消的聚会也包括主日校,青年团契,福建团契及祷告会。 

2. 年度会员大会将延期举行。 

3. 各个关怀小组的聚会将继续进行并且一同聚集祷告。这是教会应当兴起祷告的时刻。 

4. 星期日上午10时将有现场直播, 内容会有本周的简要信息和简短的敬拜赞美。整个直播大约有半个小时。请登录信心教会的脸书。 

5. 关于什一奉献和列常奉献,请存入教会的帐户。 

6. 每周星期四晚上8:00点将通过zoom app 进行祷告会。有意参与并有需要帮助安装zoom app的会友请联系 郑明森传道.


Step By Step Through The New Testament


Speaker : Pastor Raymond Seow 
Date : Begin March’2020
Time : Every 1st & 3rd Monday (8:00pm) 
Venue: FCC 
Closing Date: 30-11-2019
Fee :  Free, but the book cost RM50

日期 :  2020年3 月开课               
时间 :  第一和第三个周一 (晚上8点正)              
地点 :  信心教会
截止日期 :30-11-2019
费用: 免费,课本费用RM50   

Malaysia Year Of Prayer 2020
马来西亚 2020 祷告年


MYOP2020 is a year-long prayer initiative - from 16-09-2019 to15-09-2020

* You can find more detail from the booklet 

MYOP 2010 是一项为期一年的祷告活动 ,从 2019年9月16日 至 2020年9月15日

* 更多详情可参考手册