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    • Prayer Meeting (Pray for healing) : 3rd Thursday of the month, 8:30pm
    • Prayer Meeting (Pray for unsaved loved ones) : 5th Thursday of the month, 8:30pm
    • Deacons’ Prayer Meeting: Last Sunday of the month, 8:30am
    • P.U.S.H: Every Friday, 10:00am - 12:00pm
    • Prayer Meeting (Pray for Saturday service): Every Saturday, 6:45pm - 7:15pm
    • Prayer Meeting (Pray for Sunday service): Every Sunday, 9:15am - 9:45am

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Christmas Pondering

on December 2020

by Rev. Daniel

Christmas like any other celebration for the year 2020 is going to be different.  Every celebration has to be down-scaled in many ways.  There will be a lesser festive mood, lesser visitation, lesser exchange of greetings and the like.

As we come to the Christmas season, what can we learn or anticipate for the year 2020?

If we were to look at the scenario today, with each celebration, there seems to be a spike in the COVID-19 cases, the last being Deepavali.  However, would that mean that the Christmas spirit be stolen by this pandemic?  Surely not.

Nevertheless, as we celebrate Christmas, it would be a pause.  A pause to see the hands of God in the midst of trials.  We go back to the first Christmas – there had been 400 years of silence from the Lord Jehovah.  There were no more prophets, no more miracles taking place in Israel.  It was simply a day-to-day routine causing a spirit of despondency that they have almost forgotten the promises of God.

It was a 400 years silence then – and it has been almost a year of crisis and uncertainty.  Is there anything left for us to celebrate?

At the end of November, my wife decided to decorate the house with some Christmas lights and decoration.  As I watched her and helped her, I told myself – “COVID-19 shall not rob us of the Christmas spirit”.  It may be different this year but the good news of hope, love, peace and joy shall continue to ring silently to others.  It may be a pause, but a pause of God’s working in our hearts and the hearts of others.

Another element is a pondering in our hearts.  Even as I thought of this Christmas season and the pulpit, it was impressed upon my heart that it is going to be different but personal.  God is going to speak to our hearts and we must be set to ponder what God is saying.

As such, let us look forward to what God is doing and speaking to us.  A series of sermons has been planned to gear us towards listening to God.

Christmas Theme:  When Everything came to a pause
Dec 6   Mt 1:18-24 The Heart of Joseph – Is your heart right?
Dec 13 Lk 2:19 The Pondering of Mary – What are you up to God?
Dec 20 Lk 2:28-35 The Waiting of Simeon – Is this for real God?
Dec 25 Lk 2:10 The Countenance of Christmas – Fearful or Faithful?
Dec 27 Jn 1:14-18 Immanuel – Pause, what did God do?
I pray that all of us will hear the voice of God during this Christmas in a special but different way.

Lastly, there is still the proclamation, not forgetting that all that the Lord has done is for us to proclaim but again in a very different way.  To some of you, it may be a personal touch and telling to loved ones, to close friends, perhaps over a family dinner taking the opportunity to tell others why you are still celebrating Christmas but in a smaller scale.

To yet another using social media as a way to make Jesus known – share your story, write something about Christmas on your Facebook, make a short video telling others why you celebrate Christmas and in a quiet way, thousands can get to hear this news of hope and faith.

Yet to others like me – I find myself preaching the gospel more fervently than before, taking every opportunity for those who are tuned into the internet and the online service to have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

We have been saying that it is the last days we are living in.  Therefore, greater is the urgency than before.  May God bestowed upon you the wisdom, the boldness and the joy of Christmas.

Blessed Christmas to all of you.


Growing Up To Maturity

on November 2020

By Pastor Tang Long Kin 

We have just celebrated our 12 th anniversary in October, 2020. As we looked back the past 12 years, we were all filled with thanksgiving in our heart to God for His love and protection and providence in all that we have. God has indeed blessed us beyond what we can dare hope for, both in FCC and in our own family.

As I ponder on it I ask these questions: What are there for us beyond 12 years? Are we just going to add another year to it and next year we celebrate 13 th anniversary? What should we be after 12 years? 

12 years has great significance in our lives; both physiologically and socially. Our bodies began to change and start to develop sexually for reproduction. Socially, our community began to recognize us as coming of age. In most societies we mark this age with a special ceremony. Twelve years is indeed a milestone in our life.

Upon reaching 12 years old, we are required by law to apply for an identity card. When we got our ID card we feel with pride in our heart that we are now somebody. We have an identity that states our name and address and date of birth and other personal information. We feel proud because we are somebody now. But our parents and community also expect more from us. We are expected to be more responsible in many areas. We are also expected to behave with more maturity. In school, 12 th year is
the final year in primary school. After that we are promoted to lower secondary school. It is another milestone in our life. 

As a member of FCC, I am also feeling with pride in my heart as we celebrated our anniversary. I can’t help but to sense that God is also telling us now He expects more responsibilities from us. We are no longer babies anymore. We have reached a certain stage of maturity. Our Heavenly Father has been taking care and providing for us for the past 12 years while we were infants and then as little children.
Now we are growing into adulthood. We are expected to carry more responsibilities. We are expected to behave in a more matured ways both towards each other within the FCC family and also towards others in the kingdom of our Heavenly Father. We are no longer to be fed with spiritual milk but we have to learn to feed on more solid diet. We are no longer expected to be fed but to learn to prepare a more substantial meal for ourselves and our family members who are still young.

As in any growing family, there are babies, children and adults in it. FCC is also growing and must continue to grow. The more matured ones must now take on more responsibilities in growing the family. They must get themselves organized to provide spiritual food for the younger ones. Just as God commanded Adam & Eve to go forth and multiply, Jesus commanded His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations. We must do likewise to bring in spiritual babies and nurture them to maturity. 

We are growing into maturity and more are expected from us. We must rise up to take on this responsibility. We will not just add another year to next year’s celebration but to show our commitments to grow to maturity as we step into a new era.



on October 2020

“I came to serve and not to be served”  by Pastor Daniel

We have just entered the month where we celebrate our church anniversary.  This would be our 12th anniversary, 12 years of seeing God’s faithfulness, God’s grace, God’s provision, God’s blessings, God’s leading and many others.

As we celebrate this year, I am focused on what Jesus said, “I came to serve and not to be served.”  Such a powerful statement that our Lord made.  His whole life is about serving others though He ought to be served by all of us.

If there is a vision of the Lord placed in his life – this is probably one of the strong aspect of it.  He came to serve.

Service does not undermine Status
Service seems like a bad word today.  Only the lowly serve the superior or those in authority.  How many of us would boldly say that they like being in a position where they can serve?  I believe not many would subscribe to that.  We rather have someone serve us.  We like the place of authority and recognition.
This was not something new – it happened in the days of Jesus as well, despite the economy being run by slaves.  Even the disciples were found arguing very often as to who is the greatest of them all.  To be in the place of greatness is something we all covet.  It is simple nice to be served.

On that note, Jesus has to correct them when James and John, his disciples were eyeing the place of honour to sit at the right and left hand sides of Jesus in heaven.  Jesus said in Mark 10:42-45, “And Jesus called them to him and said to them, “You know that those who are considered rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them.  But it shall not be so among you. But whoever would be great among you must be your servant and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all.  For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Jesus corrected them that greatness is view differently from heaven’s perspective.  It is not about status – to feel that one must be in power and position but it is all about service.  And then Jesus gave his example that he came not be to served but to serve.

To serve does not damage one’s image at all as even the Son of Man, Jesus himself, the Lord of lords, and the King of kings could still stoop to serve.  If we are worry over our status when we serve, we got it all wrong.  This is the example of our Lord – He came to serve

Service does not undermine Security
With the example of the Lord, he further personified it when at the last supper, he wrapped himself with a towel, took a basin of water and began washing the disciples’ feet.  Then he said, John 13:15, “I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.”

We all know this act so well and even mimic this act is washing one another’s feet during the passion week.  It is a good act but lesson is a lesson of the heart.  The willingness to stoop to service.  The point of this story is seen in the light of who Jesus is.  At this point, he has already declared that all authority has been given to given and then he made his move.

Think about this – if you have been given all authority in Malaysia – what do you think you will do?  I can imagine what many would do, including myself.  Acquire a big house, have a nice car with a chauffeur thrown in, have a fleet of servants in the house and issues commands all the time.  Afterall, I have all authority. 

But Jesus uses his authority so differently.  He could have done all of the above on a greater intensity but he did not.  He knew that nothing will shake his security.  Perhaps our unwillingness to serve is a question of our insecurity.  So that is what Jesus did.  Today, I do have authority – I am a child of God afterall, I am secured with a destiny of hope and heaven ahead – so what do I do?  Jesus made it plain – “you should also do just as I have done to you.”

May we enter a new year of the church, having complete a  full circle according to the Chinese calendar to rise up in service.  Be of service to another brother or sister in Christ.  Be of service to the world.  May our service all be ultimately be UNTO THE LORD.


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