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Excited Or Exhausted?

on February 2021

By Rev. Daniel
We have entered 2021 with mixed feelings.  We have hope that things would be better but lately it has not been encouraging at all.  The figure for COVID cases in Malaysia is on the rise which is alarming.
Even Church meeting has reverted back to online services when the authority proclaimed another MCO – now called MCO 2.0. 
We are faced with many more inconveniences. Even as I write this, I am currently in Singapore serving the mandatory 14 days quarantine. There were many procedures to complete locally as well for Singapore even before I could arrive here. 
Then I was reading the devotion of the day in the hotel room where “Our Daily Bread” entitle the reading “Running to tell” from Matthew 28:1-10.  I thought then about our Christian life and walk today – is it liken to the women at the tomb of Jesus on Easter morning?
Excited or Exhausted? 
Of course, we knew that the women were excited about the revelation of Christ’s resurrection and with the news they had and the instruction to go back to tell the disciples, they “hurried away from the tomb afraid yet filled with joy and RAN to tell his disciples.”
Two words were used in the same sentence to express the same thing – hurried away and ran to tell”.  They expressed two things namely;
1.        Urgency
2.        Excitement
I thought for a moment about our lives today.  We are constantly running errands – of our spouses, of our parents, of our teachers, of our bosses, etc.  The question is this – “Am I running or am I dragging my feet?”
Let us pause now and .......... answer that question.
I must confessed there were times more than I can count that I actually drag my feet.  Even in my service – and may pat myself on my shoulder and say, “It is ok, you are just being tired and exhausted.”
The words are true, but it is really okay?
Pause again………. let us try to answer.
Maybe that is what is happening in our lives – we are losing the urgency and the excitement of the womenfolk in the passage.  What has caused the loss of this excitement?  IN fact, it is even stated that “[they were] afraid, yet filled with joy…”
Life can be scary sometimes, service for God can be intimidating when others are judging.  Walking with God can be discouraging when others ridicule us for our faith – but would that stop us from running and telling?
I was sharing on our church new theme – “Refreshing our faith – Remembering, Removing and Refocusing.”  The women were excited and their fear was overcome by the fact that their Lord had overcome all things – death and sin in particular. 
They were excited and felt the urgency because they were looking at Jesus.  We all need to REFOCUS on the words of God and His work.  Then we will sense the urgency and the excitement, despite the fear and the routine of life.
Let us hold our hands together in supporting one another as we walk our journey of faith.  Let us help one another to refocus repeatedly onto the Lord as we serve Him, as we stand faithfully with Him and as we obey His commands to make known what He has done for sinners like us.
Let us not forget – we all need a refreshing of our faith and refocusing is one of those powerful motivation so that we will run and not drag our feet.


Something New

on January 2021

By Rev. Daniel
2020 has come to an end.  If we were to ask the question, “So what has happened in that year?”  Probably the answer is COVID-19.  That was what it had been the past year.  With a gloomy past, how then are we to face a new year?  This is what we are all asking ourselves as we face 2021.  There are some who are pessimistic, there are also those who are optimistic and there are also those who are realistic. 
I have been thinking too.  What do you think the Lord has in stored for us in this new year?  What is the Lord going to do for us, to us and in us in the new year?
In Isaiah 43:18-19
“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old.
Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”
A. A New Thing Awaiting us.  (Forget the Past)
The prophet of God said, “Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past!”.  It does not mean that we erase all memory of the past - we cannot even if we want to.  But I believe it means we must not let the past hinder the future.  The key word here is “dwell” which means being settled, living in the past.  While we use to do things in the past, it would have to be different for now.  As we look into 2021, it is looking with this expectation – the new is awaiting – we must be willing to forego the way we do things in the past to welcome the new.
There were things we still remember though.  In fact from verse 1-17, God was actually relating to them the past of his ability to deliver them.  There are things we want to remember.  For example;
1. Thank God that He has Pardon us of my past
2. Thank God that He provides for me in the past.
3. Thank God that He pushed me out from the past.
We look at the past with grateful to God, but that does not mean we should be living in the past.  They are past and they confirmed our faith in God.
There were many things that bound us from the past like, resentment, failures, worries, and sins.  God has delivered us from them all.  If we dwell on the past, harboring resentment, culturing worries, rolling in our failures, we will then not be able to enjoy the new thing!
B. A New Thing – we must anticipate it  (Looking Ahead)
“See, I am doing a new thing!”
Well, it says here that “He is making a way in the desert, and streams in the wasteland.”  The problem many at times is that we don’t see what God sees.  We see a desert, God saw a Highway.  We see wasteland, God saw a well watered land.  We see Covid 19, God saw the world crying out to Him.
Do you see that?  God is doing something new.  WE must learn to anticipate the new way of doing things as something good – something far reaching than we can imagine.
C. A New Thing – let us embrace it 
“I provided water in the desert and streams in the wasteland ... that they may proclaim my praise”
Changes carries the idea of newness.  If you changed your hairstyle today, you will probably hear something like this, “There is something new about you ah!”. 
Likewise to be ready for the future is to embrace it and manifest that change.  A person who is willing to change is the one who is ready for something new.  If you are not - there will be nothing new.
Verses 22-24 tells us that the way we show that we are ready is our willingness to offer to God that which belongs to God - and the first thing is to surrender ourselves to Him.
As we enter the new year – let us also move in faith and thanksgiving, surrendering ourselves to God as he is doing something new.  Don’t frown, have faith!  God bless all of you.


Christmas Pondering

on December 2020

by Rev. Daniel

Christmas like any other celebration for the year 2020 is going to be different.  Every celebration has to be down-scaled in many ways.  There will be a lesser festive mood, lesser visitation, lesser exchange of greetings and the like.

As we come to the Christmas season, what can we learn or anticipate for the year 2020?

If we were to look at the scenario today, with each celebration, there seems to be a spike in the COVID-19 cases, the last being Deepavali.  However, would that mean that the Christmas spirit be stolen by this pandemic?  Surely not.

Nevertheless, as we celebrate Christmas, it would be a pause.  A pause to see the hands of God in the midst of trials.  We go back to the first Christmas – there had been 400 years of silence from the Lord Jehovah.  There were no more prophets, no more miracles taking place in Israel.  It was simply a day-to-day routine causing a spirit of despondency that they have almost forgotten the promises of God.

It was a 400 years silence then – and it has been almost a year of crisis and uncertainty.  Is there anything left for us to celebrate?

At the end of November, my wife decided to decorate the house with some Christmas lights and decoration.  As I watched her and helped her, I told myself – “COVID-19 shall not rob us of the Christmas spirit”.  It may be different this year but the good news of hope, love, peace and joy shall continue to ring silently to others.  It may be a pause, but a pause of God’s working in our hearts and the hearts of others.

Another element is a pondering in our hearts.  Even as I thought of this Christmas season and the pulpit, it was impressed upon my heart that it is going to be different but personal.  God is going to speak to our hearts and we must be set to ponder what God is saying.

As such, let us look forward to what God is doing and speaking to us.  A series of sermons has been planned to gear us towards listening to God.

Christmas Theme:  When Everything came to a pause
Dec 6   Mt 1:18-24 The Heart of Joseph – Is your heart right?
Dec 13 Lk 2:19 The Pondering of Mary – What are you up to God?
Dec 20 Lk 2:28-35 The Waiting of Simeon – Is this for real God?
Dec 25 Lk 2:10 The Countenance of Christmas – Fearful or Faithful?
Dec 27 Jn 1:14-18 Immanuel – Pause, what did God do?
I pray that all of us will hear the voice of God during this Christmas in a special but different way.

Lastly, there is still the proclamation, not forgetting that all that the Lord has done is for us to proclaim but again in a very different way.  To some of you, it may be a personal touch and telling to loved ones, to close friends, perhaps over a family dinner taking the opportunity to tell others why you are still celebrating Christmas but in a smaller scale.

To yet another using social media as a way to make Jesus known – share your story, write something about Christmas on your Facebook, make a short video telling others why you celebrate Christmas and in a quiet way, thousands can get to hear this news of hope and faith.

Yet to others like me – I find myself preaching the gospel more fervently than before, taking every opportunity for those who are tuned into the internet and the online service to have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

We have been saying that it is the last days we are living in.  Therefore, greater is the urgency than before.  May God bestowed upon you the wisdom, the boldness and the joy of Christmas.

Blessed Christmas to all of you.


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