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Three Rusty Coins

on July 2020

by Pastor Tang Long Kin

Titus 3: 4-7
4 But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, 5 he saved us, not because of works done by us in righteousness, but according to his own mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit, 6 whom he poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ our Savior, 7 so that being justified by his grace we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life

One day I found three rusty coins under a tree by the roadside. When I pick them up I found they were all dirty and rusted. There were two 5 sen coins and a 10 sen coin, making up a total value of 20 sens. I took a look at their condition and almost threw them away. But somehow I kept them and took them home and left them on the side table. A few days later they were still lying there untouched. I look at them and then ask myself why are they still around? There was nothing of beauty to behold. They were all rusted and dirty. They cannot be used as display ornaments and I refused to put them together with other coins because they are so rusted and dirty.
As I ponder over the fact that I still kept them despite their condition, I realized that it is not the metal itself that I see value in them. I see value in them because there is a higher authority guaranteeing their value. That authority is the Government of Malaysia. No matter how dirty or rusted they are, they are still worth 20 sens.  Their value is not what they are made of; their value is the authority behind them. I can easily take those dirty, rusty coins to Bank Negara Malaysia and exchange them for clean shiny coins. On closer look you can see “Bank Negara Malaysia” stamped on the coins. This is the seal of guarantee and value.
What is our life worth?
That thought started me to think of our worth. What is our worth? Do our lives matter? Who gives value to our life? During this Coronavirus pandemic we see chaos everywhere. More than 10mil lives have been permanently affected and more than 500 thousand deaths due to this virus alone. Life is really so fragile. One moment we are alive and active and the next moment we may be in the intensive care unit when the virus catches up. Life seems worthless.
I did a search on our worth in the bible and I found not less than 100 passages talking about our worth to God. In all of them nothing is said about God loving us because of our own value. They are all about God making us valuable because of His grace and loving kindness towards us. We are valuable and our lives matter because of God made us valuable. He purchased us with the blood of His beloved Son Jesus.
1 Peter 1:18
Knowing that you were ransomed from the futile ways inherited from your forefathers, not with perishable things such as silver or gold,
Isaiah 41:13
For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”
Ephesians 1:13–14
13 In him you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and believed in him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, 14 who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it, to the praise of his glory.
No matter how battered our lives may be; no matter how dirty our lives have been; no matter how rusted our lives are, we are still valuable because God said so. He puts value in us and made us valuable. Now that we are His children our old worn out, dirty and rusty lives have been exchanged for new lives in Christ. That is all that matters. In addition, God has put His Spirit in us as a guarantee of our value and redemption.


Knowing The Signs Of Times

on June 2020

by Pastor Daniel

At such a time like this, when we have so many questions, we wonder what God is doing.  It is good to have question in order to discern the will of God.
In I Chronicles 12:32, there was a tribe who was loyal to King David and what was described of this tribe is wonderful;
“Of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs, and all their kinsmen under their command.”
Being able to discern the will of God, enables one to also respond and be obedient.  Do we know the signs of the times today? 
Jesus’ Prediction
In Matthew 24:4-30, Jesus spoke of the signs of the last days.  We are indeed in the last days.  What are those signs? There is a list of them, namely;

  • Deception =  “many will come and claim to be the Messiah”
  • Wars =  :you will hear of wars and threats of wars"
  • Famines =  “there will be famines”
  • Earthquakes =   “earthquakes in many parts of the world”
  • Persecution  =  “you will be arrested, persecuted and killed.”
  • Apostasy  =   “Many will turn away from me”
  • Sin =  “sin will be rampant”
  • Apathy =   “the love of many will grow cold”
  • Evangelism  =  “the good news of the Kingdom will be preached everywhere”
These are some of the signs that we are told.  Putting them in line to what is happening today, we know how close the end times are.    Everything mentioned above is taking place in parts.  The fulfillment is sure to come.
We are not left in the dark, but are prophesies meant to cause fear?  Even in the midst of those troubled times are these words of our Lord;
“Don’t be deceived” = be alert!
“Don’t panic” = have faith!
“People will hear the good news” = have hope!
As in the tribe of Issachar, they not only know and understand the signs but  they also know what Israel would have to do.  That is where understanding should lead us.
So what do we discern as we listen to our Lord predicting the future and the end times?
As we look at the pandemic, we know we should also embrace the posture of being ALERT, to have FAITH and to serve with HOPE, because God is with us.
Let us all look at the signs and discern the ways of God. (From a zoom session with Haggai International)
1.      Shaken Economy
We all know that after this pandemic, things will never be the same again.  I read that in Malaysia we are already experiencing about 1 million people losing their job.  The whole world is experiencing great level of unemployment.  The times are going to be tough.  Industries are shutting down, airports are empty, hotels are closing.  What does this tell us?  We have to look up to God because God has promised to be our Provider, the Jehovah Jireh.  Have faith!
2.      Social Changes
Everyone is talking about staying at home as much as possible.  Continue to practice social distancing.  There will be a quantum change in our social interaction post covid.  It cannot be like the past where great social gathering is a sight to behold.  People will be distancing themselves further.  We will grow to become more “lovers of self”.  That is how society will be shaping our behavior.  How then are we going to interact?  We are moving from the physical to the virtual.  We are even getting use to interacting via the social media.  Can we still be in touch with people - expressing concern and love and encouragement?  Are we feeling that need to reach out or are we closing ourselves even more?  Be Alert!
3.      Spiritual Awakening
As we go through all these changes, the one thing that would touch everyone despite all the technologies and advancement is the void within the human heart.  There will be an awakening in the hearts of man.  Jesus said that the good news of the Kingdom will be preached and all nations will hear it.  That is already happening because we hear of how people are looking for hope.  They will turn everywhere and anywhere they think there is hope.  Are we there for them?  It is not all that bleak after all.  God is working out his purpose - that all mankind will turn to him.  Have Hope!
4.      Super Technology
The last thing I would like to share is the move from high tech to super tech.  What we think is advance today will soon be found in the musuem.  I was watching a video clip exposing some teenagers to the old computers with CRT monitors, running windows 95 and going into the internet via the modem.  They were lost and could not believe how ancient it was.  Their label - this is a very old dinosaur.  That is how fast the world is moving.  Are we catching up with them too.  We must begin to see how we can use this to our advantage.  When the Lord said that the good news will be preached throughout the whole world, - it is becoming a reality.  People are wanting to hear and we have the means to declare it.  Online services have more audience than ever before.  What else could we do?  PRAY, PREPARE AND PLAN.
As we understand the signs of the last days, let us be alert, have faith and ignite hope.  As I have mentioned, prophecies are not meant to cause us fear, but to know that God is only fulfilling his grand purpose for this world.  As such, my dear brothers, it is not for us to be depressed but a time for all of us to PRAY, PREPARE AND PLAN.  Let us be people who are ready when the Lord returns for us.  Hallelujah, Maranatha! (Come, our Lord!)  God bless.


A Time To Humble Ourselves

on May 2020

by Pastor Daniel

With the current crisis, we are hearing all kinds of things through the social media, even in Christian materials.  It ranges from God’s judgment on the world to God’s protection over Christians.  It ranges from greater fear to comforting faith.  We hear God’s word from Psalm 91 that God will protect his beloved from all kinds of viruses to 2 Chronicles 7:14 that we are called to humble ourselves before God to obtain healing.
My mind went from one end of the pendulum to another making sense of all that I have read and heard.
The God who is Sovereign
One thought that kept lingering through all this sieving is the Sovereignty of God.  Even though we may not understand all that is happening, I cannot help to recognize the sovereignty of God over everything.  It is Him that all things were made and kept.  God knew and foreknew everything ahead of us.  While we are living in uncertainties, God is certain about His purpose on the world.
I can keep speculating whether the corona virus is an act of God’s judgment and plague on the world, or an act of God’s mercy to draw people to Him, I have to conclude that I do not know but God knows.
Will this bring fear?  It has definitely done so.  Will this ignite faith?  Obviously too as we know that all things lie in the hands of God.  Will this cause confusion?  Again, it has happened.   Even among Christians are asking if not going to Church a lack of faith and fear? 
The God who is Sufficient
Another thought that came to my overfilled mind was the sufficiency of God.  I could not help to think that there is nothing left secured and sufficient except the presence of God.
We come to the point that everything has come down to show that they are not sufficient.  Every aspect of economy came to a standstill.  Everywhere in the world was in the edge of collapse.  In fact, we drag to see what is going to happen after this pandemic is over.  The aftermath is more frightening that this current situation.
While once shopping centres, amusement parks and eateries are considered places of happenings, they all have come to a standstill.  Even churches all over the world have become empty for the first time in history.  I think this has never happened before.  Some churches were closed at some time in some place, but never before was there a time that practically all churches in the world have been left empty the past two months and more to come.
What do you think God is doing in the world today by this crisis?  That nothing in the world will be sufficient.  Not shopping, not the workplace, not any education institution, not entertainment and not even food will be sufficient for our lives.  I find something interesting happening - that Astro is offering free channels, America giving away free movies viewing in view that many are staying at home and may be bored.  Even with this offering, honestly, how many of us are watching more movies that ever.  I think we are bored as well by too many movies.
We come to this conclusion - only God is sufficient and in Him is there true satisfaction.
The God who is the Savior
One of my other thought is that God is the Savior through all these.  How do I view myself?  I was listening to a sermon sent by a certain doctor from Penang and my wife also urged me to listen to it.
I did and I came to see that only God can save.  I come back to 2 Chronicles 7:14 - that God is calling me to humble myself and seek his face and turn from my wicked ways.  This is the time to seek the Savior of our lives.  We have been professing that God is our Savior but do we humble ourselves and seek his face?  Have we turned from our wicked ways so that God can save us?
I must ask myself - what must I repent of?  I made up a mental list and began that repentance.  We must repent of our ways - ways we make ourselves look good, when deep within us is wickedness.  It must be turn from MY ways to HIS face. 
My dear family members of FCC, it is time to turn from OUR ways to HIS face.  Where we have lacked and slagged, we must turn to our God who is Sovereign, who is Sufficient and who is our Savior.  There is no other way of looking at this.  There is none to turn to, not even toilet papers or bubble teas.  I must turn from MY favorite book or magazine to HIS word.  I must turn from MY good impression to HIS good favor.  Let there be a time of humbling.  May God bless and speak to your heart.


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Announcement 2
通告 2


In view of the current pandemic, the church leadership thought it fit that as a church we should act responsibly and with wisdom. We saw it fit that we should do all we can within our means to help contain the current spread of the Covid-19 infection and to protect our FCC family from harm. As such, the leadership has decided on the following:

1) Easter lunch is cancelled
2) Church camp is postponed indefinitely. We will monitor the situation before deciding on the next course of action.  

Meanwhile, stay safe by staying indoors and stay close to our Lord. It is a good time for family rejuvenation and bonding. Spend your time reading the Bible, praying and seeking our Lord. If you have any urgent needs or any emergency please do not hesitate to contact the leaders for help. We will do all we can within our means to help. Thank you. God bless.

  1. 取消复活节的午宴。
  2. 无限期延后教会的家庭营。 我们将根据情况来决定下一步行动。

Step By Step Through The New Testament


Speaker : Pastor Raymond Seow 
Date : Begin March’2020
Time : Every 1st & 3rd Monday (8:00pm) 
Venue: FCC 
Closing Date: 30-11-2019
Fee :  Free, but the book cost RM50

日期 :  2020年3 月开课               
时间 :  第一和第三个周一 (晚上8点正)              
地点 :  信心教会
截止日期 :30-11-2019
费用: 免费,课本费用RM50   

Malaysia Year Of Prayer 2020
马来西亚 2020 祷告年


MYOP2020 is a year-long prayer initiative - from 16-09-2019 to15-09-2020

* You can find more detail from the booklet 

MYOP 2010 是一项为期一年的祷告活动 ,从 2019年9月16日 至 2020年9月15日

* 更多详情可参考手册