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The Mind On Christ

on May 2021

By Pastor Daniel 


It has been more than a year since the pandemic of Covid-19.  We are still talking about the new normal or rather, “what is normal today?”  Nothing is normal.  But there is one thing that remains – we are still very much confined to our homes, which means we are spending a great deal of time at home.

What can happen?  Good things can happen but bad things can happen too.  The common denominator is that having to spend more time at home, how have our relationships within the family been?  Being away from friends, how are we still in a relationship with one another?

Philippians 2:1-4
1 Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value, others above yourselves, 4 not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

The passage above deals mainly with relationships – whether it be the Christian community or those with whom we love.

The Four Motivations for relationships
Paul spoke about four motivations, namely,

  • Encouragement of unity
  • Comfort from his love
  • Commonness in the Spirit
  • Compassionate and tenderness
These are the very motivations by which we operate when we think of our relationship in Christ.  They are all Christlike based on the unity with Christ.  We have his love as our source, the common Spirit of God that binds us, and the example of Christ’s tenderness and compassion.

The Three Attitudes in Relationships
Then Paul elaborated on 3 vital attitudes when we look at each other.
  • Same mind
  • Same love
  • Same spirit
That is how we view each other – more so in the community of God whom he has redeemed for his own.  While we may be different, we share one common thing – redeemed by Christ alone. 
Thus we share the common mind (that we are all sinners saved by grace), recipients of the same love (the love of God that brought us together), and partakers of the same spirit (a new life awakened by the Spirit of God) in us.  It does not say we are the same in personality and temperaments but yet we can be in harmony because of the common ground by which we begin our life in Christ.

The Two Actions in Relationships
Finally, Paul simply outlined two actions that would determine that course of harmony in all relationships, be it parent-child, husband-wife, brother-sister, and friends.  The two actions that would take a lifetime to master;
  • Do nothing out of selfishness (ambition or gain)
  • In humility, count others better than yourself.
These final two actions are where we put into practice to foster a relationship that would honor Christ, that shows our motivations and attitudes.

With the MCO’s, staying at home, has it been easier and more enriching when it comes to relating to one another at home?  Have I look at the person(s), with love, serving him or her out of selflessness and count, honor, and appreciate that person as better than myself, more important than myself.  It is a good time to evaluate where we are when it comes to relating to others. 

Happy Mother‘s Day in May and happy Fathe’rs Day in June.  May all fathers and mothers find their joy in the Lord and their relationships at home.


Joy Unexpected

on April 2021

By Ps Daniel Yaw

Isaiah 35:10
They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads.  Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.
Joy is somewhat a gift from God to us today.  Recently with the birth of my granddaughter, my daughter would send pictures of Vera very often.  She would capture pictures of her smiling and it is simply beautiful when you see a child smile.
Then I thought of Jesus himself – he is known and called a man acquainted with sorrows.  Some years ago, I thought; “we have pictures of Jesus painted – but how many pictures have we seen of Jesus smiling?”.  At that time to google a picture of Jesus smiling and find one is very rare.  Nonetheless, we hear from the gospel the many humorous statements Jesus made.  We hear Jesus saying, “My joy will be full….”, a couple of times.  There must also be joy.
As we enter into the Passion Week with the celebration of Easter Sunday on 4th April, we thank God constantly for this hope in the resurrection.  Even in Hebrews 12:2, it says that “who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of
God.”  The joy that the writer talked about was the joy of salvation given to those who believed.
Today’s passage is one of that comfort – that God gives joy.  Reading the whole chapter, I discover something beautiful and joyful.  As we look at Isaiah 35, and our situation today, with the prolonged period of MCO’s and isolation, one can so easily get depressed and sad and confined.  Can there still be joy?

Joy = in Unlikely Places. (1-4)
“The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom.”
Desert – glad? wilderness – rejoice?  These are unlikely places to burst out in joy.  They are pictures of depression, sadness, forsaken, death.  Can there be joy?  It is very much like today’s situation.  The DG health director just announced that the virus is here to stay and with the infectious rate, it is expected to see again a rise in the cases.
Can I expect joy?  Even the vaccine – we hear a lot of news of uncertainty.  Yet the prophet Isaiah speaks of joy in these unlikely places.  Where would that joy be anchored?
In verse 2, the prophet anchored his joy in the glory of God, “they will see the glory of the Lord, the splendor of our God.”
We have seen the glory of the Lord today – the glory that comes from the cross.  The glory of him coming to save us.  The following verses speak of that.
Joy:  The Unexpected Result. (5-8)
A few things on how this joy was seen were mentioned here;

  • There will be restoration:  the blind see, the deaf hear, springs in the wilderness, and streams in the desert
  • There will be abundance:  the sand in the desert becomes a pool
  • There will be peace:  the redeemed can walk freely.  The highway is safe
Do I see that in my life today?  Restoration, Abundance, and Peace.  It is RAP, not RIP.
When we focus on the situation of life today, it would be depressing and that is why the prophet exhorted the people to look at the glory of God – to see a bigger picture of God’s eternal purpose of salvation.
Joy:  The Unending Experience (9-10)
And everlasting joy shall be upon our heads!  It means that even in the gloomiest situation, we shall focus on God and find joy!  And it is joy everlasting that shall be in our minds.
This is the joy unexpected, yet a joy overwhelming all our adversities in life.  As we continue to place our faith in God, may the joy of the Lord becomes our strength.
All these come with one exhortation (3-4), seen in three parts;
  • Strengthen our feeble hands:  do the work of God.  Let us not be weary of serving the Lord and His people.  May we be found faithful doing his will.
  • Strengthen our weak knees:    come to him in prayer.  Let us not give up prayer.  Strengthen your personal prayer time, Encourage one another by coming together in prayer, physical or zoom.
  • Strengthen our fearful hearts: find joy, hope and faith in Him.  Let us continue to look to God in faith that in all things, God will work it out together for good.


Right Beliefs Lead Right Behavior

on March 2021

By Pastor Daniel
In recent days, the Christian world has been bombarded with the discrepancy we see happening to Christian leaders.  From mega church pastors to internationally known speakers of the Christian faith, and their fallen state – we have this question, “Is there any truth in Christianity at all?”
Each time a news of this sort emerged, I could not help but to have two sentiments – one of anger and sadness towards that person, and another of sober assessment that this can happen to anyone, including me.
From the book of Ephesians 4:1, Paul urges his readers, “I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called….”
Does right belief lead to right behavior?
When I studied the pages of scriptures, especially the writings of the apostle Paul, I recognized that many times Paul begins his epistles with the first portion with doctrines and the latter part on applications.  In other words, there is still a dichotomy of beliefs and behavior. 
With that I used to conclude that right beliefs would lead to right behavior.  Then when I observed in today’s world with all the news no longer being private but global, we are not spared from what is happening around us.  We then begin to doubt this statement.  Is it true that right beliefs will result in right behavior?  This recent case of Ravi has then made the discrepancy between belief and behavior wider.
Right belief should lead to right behavior?
As I listen to certain reflections on the case above, perhaps I should make a correction on the statement – that right beliefs should lead us to right behavior – or it must lead us to right behavior.
If right belief would naturally lead us to right behavior, I would think that Paul need not write the second part.  In other words, Paul is saying that it would not naturally do so, and as such one must pay attention to one’s behavior as well.
Like many others like Josh McDowell (one apologist of another apologist) and David Wood and yet others who have made statements on the internet, we get to hear certain truths emerging.  Pastor Ooi Kheng Boon from Bukit Mertajam Baptist Church also made similar conclusions with his seven observations that went online as well.
For those exposed, adhere, affected by the ministry of RZIM either directly or via the social media – a preacher that you admired greatly (of which I was one of those), listening to the reflections keep us focus on what is essential.
7 observations from Pastor KB Ooi, of BMBC
1. Gifting and Abilities, personality and charisma do not equate godliness.
2. With position and adulation comes false entitlement.
3. Be accountable to God and others at all times
4. The Balance of Truth and Love, Position and Posture
- Truth will be truth no matter who the messenger is.  The message must be separated from messenger. (Truth and Position)
- Truth must be spoken in love (Love and Posture)
5. Sin is a present reality
6. Look to Christ, not to any man or woman.  Faith in Christ alone
7. Pray for one another, esp. for your pastors and leaders
My honest reflections
I am not sure if I also should make a statement as there are numerous on the internet but my honest reflections are these:

  • There must be a clear distinction of the message and the messenger.
We must not allow the lives of others (adversely) to dictate what I have come to know as truth.  Truth will remain truth regardless of the messenger.  Is this an excuse to the messenger?  Not at all.  Is this not tantamount to saying, “Listen to what I say, don’t do what I do?”  Not at all.
One must recognize the truth as truth and the message of the gospel must point us to Jesus Christ and no one else.  Many things spoken and propounded by Ravi were indeed profound and insightful.  His lifestyle does not change the truth though sadly it had tainted the truth.
Let us remember that God can use anyone and anything to relate his message – even through a talking donkey.  If I may be allowed to quote a biblical character (though not from a judgmental point of view and I hope my readers would understand me), we know that Solomon’s life was recorded in scriptures that he turned away from God because of his many wives.  Despite that, we do not throw away the portion of scriptures that he wrote or rather God used him to pen it down like Proverbs, Songs of Solomon and Ecclesiastes.
My point is that we take (in the words of Pastor Ooi), the position of upholding the truth.
  • There must be the humility to live a life that closes that discrepancy of belief and behavior
Then my next reflection is simply an urge like Paul in Ephesians – the urge to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which we have been called.  In Romans 12, Paul appeal to us by the mercies of God to offering our lives as living sacrifice to live a life that is worthy of his mercies and grace.  To the church in Galatia, Paul entreats them to be what God wanted them to be (Galatians 4:12, 5:1) – live the life of freedom by obeying the truth.
This is a sobering thought that a great leader like Ravi who knows so much can still fall, what does that make of us?  In other words, let us pray for one another, for your pastors and leaders who probably have greater impact upon people, to be given the grace, the humility, the responsibility to uphold truth and to live out the truth as well.
I submit these thoughts with much burden and humility in my heart and urge you to always look to God and Christ ultimately.  


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